Introductions are in order…

My real name is Tommy, I am not a forex guru, wallstreetbets stock-pumper, or a crypto cult leader, I’m just one guy who loves all areas of trading…

But I think I can help you.

Welcome to my website,  I have been trading Forex since late 2017, Stocks in 2019 and Crypto in 2018.  I was terrible….at all three.  I made every mistake you could imagine.  After a while, I started asking myself why things weren’t going my way and this is what I did…Instead of sticking with all of the same things that I was told to use by many YouTubers, countless education platforms and after being scammed once or twice (probably more), I began exploring other tools and methods. I then stumbled across a YouTube channel called nononsenseforex; the trader running the channel (who goes by the name of VP) completely changed my entire perspective on trading; not just Forex, but all markets.

There are thousands of trading indicators alone that are available to us! VP offers a guideline on building your system from scratch, finding and backtesting those components is directly down to you.

So every night after work, I’d come home and nerd out over a few new concepts or indicators I discovered while watching the videos in order. I tried a variety of settings, on the daily, weekly and monthly timeframes, and on every major currency pair. (I began testing a similar system on stocks and cryptocurrencies later down the line).

9/10 of the tools were useless, especially many common tools that a lot of traders are taught to use…[clears throat] RSI-cough cough…

Moving forward, every now and then you’ll stumble upon one that has this uncanny ability to work great in every market condition out there. (there is no better feeling after weeks of backtesting and forward testing). But it would work even better if it had other successful indicators to confirm it and eliminate the times where it gives you losses.

Then over time, you find those too!  Mixed that in with a great, disciplined trading approach that I also learned from VP and modified it a couple of improvements.

I am now in the trial stages of trading $35,000 for a prop firm called the5%ers, hoping to one day be able to trade Forex for a living whilst expanding my Stock and Crypto portfolio’s.

So what’s the aim of this website?

To take you on my journey and hope you’ll learn useful things off of me in the meantime! I hope you are able to take full advantage, break out of that trading rut you are currently in, and become a pro someday yourself — whether it be from trading your own account or somebody else’s or even if you just want to use this blog as a nice past-time.

On that note…happy trading and be wild.


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