Trading following Forex Sentiment

If you’ve been told Forex sentiment is important and that it’s important to pay attention to it. I’d like to give a second opinion on that note. Control! Back when I first started, I learned there were three main pillars of Forex trading: Technical Analysis Fundamental Analysis Sentiment But out of the three above, tellContinue reading “Trading following Forex Sentiment”

How To Trade In A Dead Market

Market volume and volatility go up, and they go down. Sometimes they go down and stay down. We’re trend traders, we need volume.  We’re no longer getting what we need. So what do we do now? How To Know If Enough Volume Is There? First of all, there is a tool to determine what theContinue reading “How To Trade In A Dead Market”

Taking a page or two from John C. Bogle

The following blog will be a transcript out of the last chapter of this book. It will serve as a guide to all investors, beginners and advanced; even to those who aren’t interested in actively investing themselves. Chapter 20: Investment Advice That Meets The Test of Time Deep down, I remain absolutely confident that theContinue reading “Taking a page or two from John C. Bogle”

Why you should NOT be using RSI in your Forex Trading…

Pour yourselves a tea or coffee, you’ll be needing it… The famous RSI indicator, with over 8 million search results on google alone, is regarded as the holy grail of all indicators and the biggest money-maker for people trading the markets using this tool. The RSI Indicator looked simple when you first saw it. WheneverContinue reading “Why you should NOT be using RSI in your Forex Trading…”